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2023 In Review

2023 is coming to a close. It was pure madness for most of the year.

Special Ed's year was all over the place. He got a new job at work. This turned out to be very stressful and chaotic. He picked up some blood pressure and anxiety issues from it. He was able to travel around a bit earlier in the yead, catching up with many old friends and seeing California more than he had in a while. He also got some restful time home. Unfortunately, most of the year was work focused or work driven.

The rest of the WOE crew is much missed. I hope that they are all well.

2023 was a basic year for WOE. I'm hoping for a much more exciting 2024.

A Fun Trip Back To The East Coast
An underwater pool.

Special Ed was able to head home and spend quality time on the east coast.

Senses Fail Comes Back To AZ
Senses Fail colored in blue light.

Senses Fail came back to Mesa. I needed time with friends and got it!

5 Fun Days In Vegas
A very bizarre billboard.

I spent 5 days in Vegas, saw old friends, and had a hell of a time.

A Chance To See Fake Names In Los Angeles
Dennis up close.

I got to explore Glendale and see Fake Names again and it was amazing.

My First Time Seeing Fake Names
A sign hanging on the wall.

I got a chance to see Fake Names and am sold on that band.

A Fun Time In Los Angeles
The Galaxy on the field.

I had a few days off in Los Angeles and had a blast.

The Ergs! In Long Beach
The Ergs! and Special Ed.

I followed up a great time in San Diego with a great show in Long Beach.

The Ergs! In San Diego
Jeff and Mike on stage.

The Ergs! returned to the west coast and we hung out in San Diego.

A Quick Trip To Sedona
Sedona mountains.

I made a quick run to Sedona for a day and a half away.

New Merchandise!
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