Greg Graffin At Club Red

Dr. Greg Graffin, lead singer of Bad Religion, came to Phoenix last night to play an acoustic show in support of his album, Cold As The Clay. I've had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Graffin for approximately 9 years and was happy that our paths crossed once again.

As Tour Manager for the evening, I got in early and introduced myself around at the club I got settled in just in time for Greg and his band to arrive. I was introduced to Dave and Chris. We loaded in and got through the soundcheck. After the soundcheck, we spread out for a bit and agreed to reconvene in a few hours.

The set time was originally supposed to be 10:30. It wound up being closer to 12:30. We hung out for a while at the club and shared stories. We made some new friends, Stephanie and Kim, whom were both sporting the limited edition "Dave" shirts.

The show went off well. The fans were into it and kept singing along. Greg Performed a few Bad Religion songs including Sorrow and Live Again (The Fall Of Man). The set primarily consisted of songs from the Cold As The Clay album. After 40 minutes of music, we packed the gear up and got ready to leave. The guys signed a few autographs and we cleared out. After a late night breakfast at Denny's, the night was over. I got a few pictures for the site, and then we all went out separate ways.

Greg Graffin on stage during soundcheck with his band.
Soundcheck at Club Red in Phoenix.
Greg Graffin on stage during soundcheck with his band.
Dialing everything in for the show.
Special Ed and two girls.
Special Ed with new friends Stefani and Kim. Notice the limited edition "Dave" shirts.
Greg Graffin on stage performing.
The whole band performing during the set.
Two men sitting on stage playing instruments.
Chris and Dave accompanying Greg during the set.
Special Ed, Greg Graffin, and his band standing.
Chris, Special Ed, Dr. Graffin, Dave. I spilled water on myself and it had not quite dried yet.
Special Ed and Greg Graffin leaning on a wall.
Sped Dawg and G Funk outside of Denny's.