Anaheim - March 17th 2010

Some friends of mine were celebrating their 30th anniversary. I needed a break from the normal life, so I decided to take some time off over the course of two weeks to really get out and relax.

I left Phoenix just before 8 on March 17th. It was far earlier than I had hoped to be up, but I wanted to get into town early. The drive through the desert was fantastic. In the three weeks preceding the trip, most of the west coast had been hit with a series of storms, one after another. This brought all of the vegetation back to life, making the drive far more green than it had been in the past. I was on the road for five hours, but it barely felt like one. I arrived at my destination, Anaheim, California.

I parked in the lot and began walking through Downtown Disney. I had some gifts that I had promised to bring home, so I hit the stores looking for the trinkets that I had promised. I found some Disneyland exclusive Build-A-Bears that I made for both of my nieces. With the shopping done, I made my way into the House of Blues.

I headed backstage and got my credentials. Everything was just being set up, so there was a whirlwind of action on the stage. Everyone slowly began rolling in, including Brett. The band went through a few songs to really get everything dialed in. With the soundcheck over, there was nothing left to do but watch some good bands and pass the time.

I made the most of my time catching up with everyone. We all shared what we'd been up to and how exciting the tour was gong to be. Brett and I brainstormed some new Merchandising ideas for the band, some of which I hope to debut in the next few days.

The show started off with Terezodu and then Death By Stereo. At 9:45. Bad Religion took the stage. The played for an hour and a half, playing some real rarities like Marked. During the encore, they debuted a new song Resist-Stance. Around 11:30, the band left the stage with the fans fully satisfied.

The rest of the night was spent just hanging out and relaxing. Brian and I discussed the finer points of life and why I date such terrible girls. We mingled, met a few people, and generally wound down the night. Around 1, we all headed to the hotel to get refreshed for Day 2.

A car driving on a long stretch of freeway.
Trekking through the desert.
A sign warning of poisonous snakes at a rest stop.
There's danger everywhere.
Flags on a lightpole at DisneyLand.
Welcome to the happiest place on Earth.
Bad Religion on stage performing.
The gang doing their thing.
A gold statue of Mickey Mouse on a blue base.
The Bad Religion setlist.
The setlist.
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