That Damned Show 2013

Saturday, April 20 found Bad Religion back in Phoenix for That Damned Show. The band was coming off of a 6 week tour in support of their new album True North and this was the last date before they got a few days of rest.

I got down to Mesa Amp pretty early. I checked in and got my passes, moved my car to the bus lot, and started my hellos. The main stage was oddly out in the parking lot and the weather was great. I headed over and caught up with everyone as they set the stage. I didn't want to prolong their work, so I headed over to the bus and ran into Jay and Brooks. Brian joined shortly thereafter and they ran through a quick soundcheck.

We were all hungry, so we hit up P.F. Changs for lunch. Lunch was pretty good and we the people watching was fun. We made a quick trip to Guitar Center where the service was shitty. No Dimebag Darrell basses were purchased and we left. After a quick stop to the Whole Foods, we headed back to the venue. I spent a little while longer with Brian at a stamp convention and then headed out to check out some of the bands.

I was unfortunate enough to catch Fenix TX. They were fucking terrible. They played 7 songs in 45 minutes and spent most of the time making tit/dick jokes with the crowd. It was sad to see them perform again. I also caught AWOL Nation who put on a fantastic show and Face to Face who were equally as great.

Bad Religion hit the stage and blew the crowd away for over an hour. They played a bunch of songs off of the new album as well as some of the classics like American Jesus and Sorrow. The show sounded pretty damn good. Due to a strict 10PM sound curfew, the show was over very early. Greg and I got some Mexican food and caught up on how life's been since we saw each other last summer.

I dropped him off at the hotel and headed back to the venue. By now, everything was torn down. The rest of the night was spent just hanging out, telling stories, watching angry wedding parties fighting, and laughing. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic day!

Brian Baker, Brooks Wackerman, and Jay Bentley standing with a bunny statue.
Playing with the bunnies after lunch. Sadly, there was no tail humping.
Fenix TX on stage performing as seen from the crowd.
Fenix TX thinking that they are hot shit.
AWOL Nation on stage performing as seen from the crowd.
AWOL Nation.
Bad Religion on stage performing.
Bad Religion from stage left.
Bad Religion on stage performing as seen from the crowd.
A really bad pic of BR from the crowd.