Edgefest 2008 - September 30, 2008

Every year, the local radio station, The Edge, holds an outdoor festival called Edgefest. It is designed to pull together the best bands that are currently out there and put on a great show. It was held again at Schnepf Farms this year, located in lovely Queen Creek, Arizona.

This year ended up being a 2 day party for me. The show was on Saturday, but some of my friends were coming in on Friday night. I got off of work early on Friday and headed home to clean up. I had to be up at Sky Harbor airport at 4:30 to pick a few people up. On the way down there, I swung by Timmy the Turtle's house. I hadn't seen him in a while so we caught up for a bit and then headed on our way. We made it to Sky Harbor to find out that the flight we needed was delayed. We hung around for a while and took Brian back to the hotel.

From there, a few of us decided to go get food. Tim, his girlfriend, CJ, Frank and Carrie, El Jefe and his wife, and myself all headed over to a bar and grill. We ate, drank, and were merry till 11pm or so. I was on the wrong side of town so I took off knowing that Saturday would be a big day.

I woke up Saturday and started to get ready. My phone rang and it turned out to be Diony. He was in town along with Rhino, Angry Andy, Limo, and the gang. He let me know that there was a pass with my name on it and to make sure we got to hang out. I started the trek to Queen Creek. It took twice as long as I anticipated due to road closures, but I made it. Diony met me by the back gate and I parked by the buses.

The remainder of the day was pretty fun and relaxing. i end up working or helping out at most shows that I go to. This was not the case. I made a couple of beer runs, but otherwise just got to hang with my friends. Jayme was supposed to be at the show so I grabbed an extra pass so that she could meet Rise Against. She ended up not going and missed out.

Pennywise played pretty early in the day. They played a really great mix of the old stuff and quite a bit of the newest, Reason To Believe. They finished with Bro Hymn, which I got to sing along with. NOFX was up next and played just as the sun was beginning to set. They treated the crowd to a new song that had only been played once before. After almost an hour, they left the stage so that Rise Against could perform. Partway through the set, a large storm blew in, requiring the show be postponed for almost an hour. I cruised around for a while and made a new friend, the lovely Ashton. The show resumed and Flogging Molly took the stage. As usual, the crowd had a fantastic time

By now, the show was pretty much winding down. We decided to take the party back to the hotel. We cruised over there and drank for a while. There were a variety of bands from all over the globe there. It was nice to sit down and talk to someone from Europe about the importance and global consequence of our upcoming election. Around 4am, everyone parted ways. I made my ride back to Glendale.

Fletcher from Pennywise playing his guitar on stage.
Fletcher from Pennywise takes the stage.
Byron McMackin from Pennywise on his drum riser.
Byron from Pennywise on his riser.
Pennywise on stage performing.
Pennywise greeting their sun soaked fans.
Limo and Tim Armstrong of Rise Against standing.
Limo stretches while Tim from Rise Against looks on.
NOFX on stage performing.
3 part NOFX vocals.
Erik Melvin playing guitar and Fat Mike playing bass guitar.
Melvin and Mike from NOFX.
Limo playing the keyboard and Fat Mike playing bass guitar.
Limo on the keys.
El Jefe kneeling and being passed his trumpet.
The triumphant trumpet hand off.
The NOFX setlist.
The NOFX setlist. Punk never flops.
Bro Hymn With Special Ed, Frank, And CJ On Vocals.
Bottles To The Ground
Franco Unamerican
The Brews