The Ergs! In Long Beach - March 2023

So....I got food poisoning. I woke up many times during the night and was sick. Yes, I had hung until 3am, but this was not booze or hangover driven. As such, I did not get as much sleep and rest as I had hoped and was pretty roached as everyone else got up and moving.

I was the ride to L.A. We got everything packed up and headed out. The first stop was an outdoor mall that aw close. We got coffee, hung out in the sun for a bit, and just milled around. It was a nice way to start the day although I wish that I had felt more energized. We wrapped things up and headed north.

The guys had a friend that we were meeting up for a late lunch. We cruised up the freeway listening to The Vandals, telling stories, and catching up more. We met up with their friend, got some tacos, and did some record shopping. The food was good for me. From there, we headed further north. They were linking up with The Copyrights again that night and I was staying in Torrance. We headed to me hotel so I could drop things off and we could go from there.

Along the way, Mike discovered that the old SST Records building was close so we stopped and they got pictures there. We then headed to the venue and loaded in. We all needed food so we walked up the road a bit, got dinner together, and then headed back.

The show was fantastic and I loved it. I was soooo grateful to see them playing again. As a tribute, they did a secondary SST cover set at the end which the crowd loved. It was a great day, but I was still lagging. Around midnight, I called it a night. I hugged everyone goodbye and made the drive back to the hotel.

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