Fake Names In Long Beach - April 2023

Work has really ratcheted up. There's a lot going on that is making life more difficult and busy than was expected. Couple that with the fact that Fake Names was going to be doing a few shows in California and I knew that I was going to need to get a break and head out of town.

I got off work as soon as I could on Thursday. I had not planned on making the full drive that night. The plan was to make It to Ontario, spend the night there, rest, and then finish the next day. The drive was great. It was very smooth with no major issues. I got to the hotel and immediately noticed that the mall across the way looked familiar. I got into my room, got settled for the night, and chose to wind down. I caught up a bit on the internet and got to bed around midnight.

I woke up the next morning and grabbed my things. I headed to the mall. It was Ontario Mills Mall. It turns out the Mills properties are owned by a similar group. I recognized it from Arizona Mills Mall. I did a little shopping and then got on my way. I made a few stops for some basic supplies and then headed down to Long Beach. I checked into the hotel, got my stuff settled, and headed out. I'd kept in touch with my friend Brian and met him at the venue at the proper time.

This was the start of an amazing evening. Brian was there but so were Davey and Jamie. I got to catchup up with them each for a while. I also got introduced around to the other members of the band. They had some stuff to run through so I found a sushi restaurant up the road and took in a nice meal before heading back.

There was some press stuff to be attended to and we then headed out to grab dinner. I'd already eaten but tagged along to hang out. Option A was closed but we found a great Mexican restaurant to hit up. I got to know the other guys a little better, we discussed touring, family dynamics, and everything in between. We wrapped the meal and headed back to Alex's.

From here, I was getting settled for the night. I was able to help out a bit and make a quick run to get those that were vegetarian/vegan their meal. I got back and spent some time with the dudes and checking out the openers.

Fake Names hit the stage and blew me away. I knew that I was very unlikely to see them normally so I was right up front and ready to go. They played one hell of a show. It was perfectly dialed in, the band was in great shape and locked in, and they interacted with the crowd perfectly. They played too few songs and I wished that they played longer so I could have heard everything.

After the set, everyone was hanging out and talking with the fans while the crew broke down. I was apparently smiling and so happy that Brian and multiple members of the band called out the huge grin on my face for the entire set. I was so thankful to see a great band play but also see my friends be successful and catch up with so many great people.

The next day was going to be a busy one. I headed back to the hotel and got settled for the night. It was difficult to get to sleep from the sheer happiness and excitement, but I tapped out and dream of what tomorrow would bring.

A mountain in the distance.
A mountain on the drive out.
The Astro Burger sign.
I really love this place.
A sign hanging on the wall.
Only because they asked nicely.
Brian Baker playing guitar.
Brian really getting into it.
Fake Names performing.
Fake Names getting at it.
Dennis singing.
My first real time seeing Dennis sing.
The rhythm section.
A really solid rhythm section.
All For Sale.