Fake Names In Los Angeles - April 2023

I woke up super excited. The night before was awesome and I would get to see a second show later. I knew it was going to be amazing. I'd spoken to Brian about his schedule and there were a number of things that he had to handle for the day. I had some free time and was going to make the most of it.

I headed north, looking up a few stops along the way. I'd woken up a little later and well rested so lunch was the first mean of the day. I grabbed some food, looked around at a few stores in the are and then decided to get up to Glendale.

The drive up to Glendale was nice and smooth. I was staying at a Hilton property that I have not before. I got checked in, surveyed the room and property and got my things settled. I had time and Glendale Galleria was just south of me. I walked down there and enjoyed the weather. There wasn't really anything that I needed but I wanted to just get out and relax. It was a relaxing time and I enjoyed it.

As the day progressed, I found a few more stores to stop in and check out. There wasn't much to see, just kind of passing time and seeing what the area had to offer. I got dinner at the hotel bar. The bartender was great and gave me a nice history of the area.

I headed down to Zebulon and parked out front. I am an idiot. I confused the venue and the bar. I sat outside for a while before realizing that I could just head in. I did so, caught up with everyone again and told more stories. Doors opened and I headed in and downstairs to the green room. I spent some more time hanging with everyone and sharing stories. Their set time was coming up and I got my spot.

Again, the show was fucking amazing. I sang along, cheered, smiled, and laughed the entire time. Again, I wish I could have seen them get at it longer, but that was time. Everyone wound down and they had a long night ahead of them. I thanked everyone for their hospitality, said goodbye, and headed back to grab some sleep.

Sunday was designed to be a mellow day. I got breakfast at the hotel and got on the road. I stopped for lunch and was ready to tackle the drive. Just outside of the AZ border, I got my first speeding ticket. I very much earned it. Then I got closer to Phoenix to find that I was in an area where the freeway was shut down. There was a fatality and I was in the middle zone between the reroute and the closure. I turned around and got routed onto a dirt road that was sand for many miles that cars were getting stuck in. Then there was traffic. I 5 hour drive took over 8.

Everything was amazing and you need to see Fake Names if you have not!

A mountain in the distance.
A beautiful room with a view.
An empty stage.
The stage ready to go.
The setlist.
The night's show.
Guitars in stands.
All of the guitars lined up.
Davey on stage.
A great guy enabling an amazing show.
A solid rhythm section.
Night two of a locked in rhythm section.
Dennis singing.
Dennis explains his knees.
Brian playing while Dennis jumps.
Brian and Dennis on stage.
Dennis up close.
Dennis really in the crowd.
Michael on stage.
Michael on guitar.
A snippet of Being Them.