Falling In Reverse In Phoenix

When I hung out with Ron in December, he mentioned that he was going to be out with Falling In Reverse in January. He told me to come out to the show and check them out. I'm glad that I did.

I took the day off of work and got down to Tempe pretty early. I don't make it out there much, so I wanted to check out some record stores while I was down there. After a couple of hours of looking around, i headed over to the Marquee. Ron was inside dealing with some issues, so I took some time to look around Tempe Town Lake. As much as I've been down near it, I had never taken the time to look around. I walked around for a while and then headed back.

By this time, Ron was ready. He took me around and introduced me to the gang. The whole team, both band and crew, were awesome. They were all super friendly and very welcoming. I knew that the night was going to be fun. Ron put out a couple of more audio fires and we headed out for dinner. We grabbed some pho, caught up on what had been happening for the last month, and then got back over to the venue.

The opening bands were on stage when we got back. There wasn't anyone that I was really interested in seeing, so we sat on the bus for a while and drank a couple of beers. Everyone was in a great mood and ready for the show .Escape The Fate left the stage and Falling In Reverse took the stage.

The show was absolutely amazing. This was my first time seeing them and their performance sold me. They sounded fantastic and had one hell of a stage setup. The drums were on a 6 foot riser with a video wall that would broadcast the song name at the beginning and other images throughout each song. They were great with the crowd, were truly appreciative of their fans, and gave everything that they had. If you haven't seen this band, you need to.

After 75 minutes, the band left the stage. Ronnie Radke is from Vegas and they were playing there the next night. They were eager to get on the road and get up there. I helped Ron break down some of the audio, watched the crew load out, and then hung on the bus for a little longer. I had one more beer, said bye to everyone, and headed back home.

Ron Kimball standing on a ladder.
The new Kimbuki rig.
The Falling In Reverse dressing room sign.
No Punishers!
Falling In Reverse on stage performing.
Falling In Reverse takes the stage.
Falling In Reverse on stage performing.
Showing the crowd how it is done.
Falling In Reverse on stage performing as seen from the crowd.
The view from FOH.
Special Ed and Ron Kimball standing at the mixing board.
Special Ed, Ron, and 2 punishers.