Jackass Reunites

After a 3 year hiatus, Jackass got back together to play a few shows in Southern California and Arizona. It had been a long time since I had seen everyone in the same room, so the news was really important to me. I was able to attend the show in Phoenix on May 1st and in Prescott on May 2nd.

The band rolled into Phoenix around 8pm on May 1st. I had gotten to the venue a few minutes before and had a chance to check it out. One of the last shows I had seen Jackass play was at Last Exit, and that is where the show was being held. The band parked and then came in for a few beers. The venue was pretty small, so there was not much to do until they played. Donut got some food and the rest of us sat around drinking beers and telling stories. The band took the stage around 11pm and played 9 songs. It was as though no time had passed at all. All of the songs were dead on and the band sounded better than ever. I had to work early the next morning, so I said goodbye and then left.

The show on Friday was in Prescott at Tim's Toyota Center. I left work early, hoping to beat some of the traffic. The I-17 North on the weekends can be terrible but leaving early allowed me to miss most of the traffic and make it there in just over an hour. I got to the center, got my passes and dropped everything off in the dressing room. The band rolled up a few minutes after I did. We loaded in all of the gear and got settled in.

The band was opening for George Jones, a country legend. They were the first act and played at 7pm. Although the crowd was still coming in the doors, the band played their heart out. They were able to play 6 songs in the half hour set. After the set was over, we all stayed for the remainder of the show. George Jones played for an hour and a half, finishing up at 11. We did a quick load out and then called it a night. I had a good drive ahead of me, so I took a few pictures, said my good byes,and then headed back to Phoenix. The drive was amazing and the weather was perfect.

Jackass on stage performing at Last Exit.
Warming up at Last Exit.
Jackass on stage during soundcheck.
Soundcheck at Tim's Toyota Center.
Peter Finestone sitting at his drum kit.
Peter getting ready to play.
A locker room with a wall of lockers.
Our luxurious dressing room.
George Jones on stage performing.
George Jones and his teleprompter.
The Jackass band and crew standing.
The Jackass Crew.
Casting Shadows