Los Angeles - March 2023

I woke up and was much more rested. I felt better, got the sleep that I needed, and just felt great. I got everything packed up, got on the road, and headed north.

I did a little shopping along the way but basically made a straight shot to my hotel. I did make the standard break to Astro Burger. I wanted to get everything settled in for the night. I then headed back and just sat around for a bit.

I'd made plans with my friend Gavin to hang out. I wasn't sure exactly what we were doing but he said he'd pick me up. He grabbed me and we headed back towards his place. We stopped at a grocery store to grab supplies. He explained that a number of his friends had tickets for the L.A. Galaxy soccer team and we were going to a game. I've never been to a game before so it was an exciting prospect. We got the stuff and headed back to his place.

We met up with his friend Jeremy, loaded up the car, and got headed down. I got a crash course in soccer, we shot the shit about traffic rules, and generally had a blast. Once we got to the arena, we got the cooler to where the rest of the group was and started tailgating. I think the last time I did this was when I was 10 at Giants stadium and this was a blast. Everyone was really cool and welcoming. I was really excited for the night.

We headed in and all got to our seats. We had a few beers over the course of the game and watched a good match. The ability of soccer players to run for such long periods of time is nutty. The Galaxy were robbed, but there was no riot. We tailgated for a bit longer and then headed back to Gavin's. He, Jeremy, and I hung out for a while and had a few more cocktails. Around 1am, I caught a ride back to the hotel to grab some sleep.

The next day was very mellow. I got up fairly early and got breakfast at the hotel. I made the long journey back to Phoenix and got back at a reasonable time. From there, I got caught up on life and prepared back for the upcoming work week.

The trip was one hell of a blast and I am very grateful for everyone who helped make it that way.

TA hotel pool sign.
I cannot stress this enough.
The Astro Burger sign.
I love Astro Burger.
The Hollywood sign.
I am not getting lost here again.
The Galaxy on the field.
My first time seeing live soccer.
A sticker on a seat.
They are a solid crew.