Off! Back In Phoenix

Off! came back to Phoenix after a year and a half hiatus. They had just released Wasted Years a few weeks earlier and were touring the US in order to support the release. Unfortunately, due to work conflicts, I was unable to attend the Tucson show the night before. They're a band that I don't want to ever miss seeing again, so I knew that I had to head downtown to the Crescent Ballroom for the show.

This show was one of the more mellow that I've recently attended. I had to work earlier in the day, so I was not able to get downtown until 6. I never really get to go out in downtown Phoenix, so rather than hanging at the venue, I chose to walk around for a while. I took in some of the sights, enjoyed the really beautiful air, and got something to eat. Now that I was all fueled up, I went back to the Crescent Ballroom.

When I arrived, I ran into Sam and Joe from the old Format days. I briefly said hello and then went inside to check out the openers. NASA Space Universe was first up. I thought that they were alright. They were not necessarily a band that I would normally listen to, but I think they put on a pretty good show. They were followed up by Cerebral Ballzy. I was not a fan of them. I wasn't really into the music, although they played it well. Their lead singer kept pouring beer on/giving beer to underage kids. While I understand that it was "punk rock", it is also a good way to get a show shut down or the headliner in trouble. Either way, I'll probably never see them again.

Off! was up next. I got up in the front of the stage and took in the set. It was fantastic with the band playing a bunch of stuff from the new album as well as songs from the prior 2. It was a nice blend of all of the songs, with no one album feeling to be over represented. The set was fast paced and sounded fantastic. I really enjoyed it and was happy that I got to see them again.

After the show, I grabbed one of the limited tour posters. I milled around for a little while, saying hello to Keith and having the band sign the poster for me to add to my collection. With that, I was a long way from home and 7 hours away from needing to go to work, so I made my way back to Glendale.

A sidewalk sign advertising the show.
The sign outside of the Crescent Ballroom.
Keith Morris speaking to the crowd.
Keith talking to the crowd.
Steve McDonald playing bass guitar while Keith Morris sings.
Off! on stage performing.
Off! doing what they do best.