Punk Rock Bowling - May 2023

As noted, work has been crazy. With Bad Religion playing Punk Rock Bowling in May, I knew that I needed to get out there and hang for a few days.

May 25th was a long day. I was clear that I needed to be off at 5 from work and was really hoping to hold to it. I was thankfully able to and got on the road for a smooth ride. While grabbing dinner in Kingman, Ronnie hit me up. We confirmed the next few days and I headed north.

I got in around 9:30 which was great. I was staying at the Embassy Suites which was off the strip. I got everything up to the room. I had hoped for a nice room upgrade, but it did not happen. I unpacked everything, fought 2 moths, managed to explode an energy drink all over the room, and then relaxed for a bit. It was a long day and I got to bed around midnight.

I woke up very well rested and relaxed on the 26th. Greg and I had talked about his book signing and I had other things that I wanted to do. I got ready and headed out to do a little shopping. I found a card store with card packs from when I was a kid. I grabbed one, grabbed some food, and headed back to the hotel. I unloaded and then got on my way.

I headed over to the venue but could not find Greg. I did run into Shannon and Ryan which was a hell of a surprise. We said hello, I milled around a bit and then got going. I'd opened up a dinner invite, but it was a bit of a mess with schedules and timing. I headed to a casino to get dinner and texted Ronnie. I knew that rehearsal was happening later but he said that everyone was there. I cruised over, ate my Subway and chilled for a bit.

Rehearsal was great. I got to catch up with old friends and make a new one. Everyone was excited and ready to go. Ronnie and I were able to catch up a lot while everyone else ate. He's a brother to me and I am grateful to have gotten quality time with him. Greg showed up after the singing. The info was wrong and he started much earlier than expected. This is why I did not see him. I watched the guys run through a few songs and headed back to the hotel. It had been a long day I a wanted to wind down. The story of the moth will not be told here, but it jacked up my night.

I slept in a bit and got my stuff ready. I figured out the overall schedule for the night. I started the day with some time at the Pinball Hall of Fame. I was there last summer and really enjoyed it. I headed down kind of early and parked close. I got in and milled around a bit before deciding to head out. I hit up a steakhouse and grabbed dinner. I headed back to catch all of the performances.

I saw Fear and then headed over to The Adolescents. I then headed back and hung with the gang for a bit. I forced an introduction onto CJ Ramone after watching Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. From there, I hung around and just enjoyed the friendship.

Bad Religion took the stage. I got to help a little with the stage set which felt great. The band killed it as expected and the show was amazing. I love seeing my friends out doing what they are built for and having a great time. 75 minutes later, the show wrapped. I hung around and then helped load out. Everyone was headed out for a late night meal. I tapped out and got back to the hotel to rest up.

Sunday, I slept in and relaxed. I needed to make a couple of quick runs and got everything done early. It felt good to just hang out. Around 5, I headed down to the Downtown area again. I saw my friend Greg and caught up with him for a few. It was great to see him. I then headed over to the free outdoor stage and caught The Toadies.

I had a hell of a good time with this show. First, they sound impeccable and just like the album. Hearing so many great songs live was amazing. Second, the crowd was cool. I was in an area where a dad and his teenage daughter were. She was fairly short and as people noticed that she couldn't see, they all moved out of the way until they hit a great vantage point. Third, I saw The Toadies. I have memories of almost 20 years ago where Joe went to visit his aunt, she took him and his brother to a show, and he called me the next day full of excitement explaining the show. Between CJ and this, I finally caught up. I headed out as they wound down so I could pack up and sleep.

Monday was very chill. I woke up fairly early but with plenty of sleep, well rested, and very relaxed. I grabbed the hotel breakfast and sat in the room for another 30 minutes. I ran my stuff down, checked out, and was on the road by 11. The drive back was smooth and clean and a great way to end the long weekend.

I had 5 days of amazing experiences, connections with old friends, great food and laughter, and the break that I needed for life. I thank everyone that was involved and can't wait to see them again soon.

The Heart Attack Grill sign.
It wasn't the same without PJ and Joe.
A hidden vehicle.
What is this?
A very bizarre billboard.
A very common problem for so many.
The Safe cracking game.
I fucking love this game.
Steak on a plate.
A comforting meal for me.
Fear on stage.
My first time seeing Fear.
The Adolescents on stage.
The Adolescents.
Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies on stage.
My first time seeing CJ play live.
CJ and I.
I met an idol.
The Bad Religion setlist.
The night's agenda.
The crew on stage.
Great dudes enabling a solid show.
Bad Religion on stage.
Bad Religion takes the stage.
Jay enjoying the night.
I love seeing the joy on Jay's face.
Aimee with Bad Religion.
Aimee and Greg.
The Toadies on stage.
My first time seeing The Toadies.
This was a great room.
I really enjoyed my time in this room.
Recipe For Hate.