Punk Rock Karaoke Returns To Phoenix

There has been a nice resurgence of music in the Phoenix scene over the last few years. A number of venues have opened and more bands are choosing to come through it. One of the benefits of this was the creation of a music festival in downtown Phoenix during mid-March while the weather was still nice. Luckily for us, Punk Rock Karaoke came through town.

I had been in contact with Greg for a few weeks and was happy to see him. Life had been pretty busy for me and I had a lot to do that Saturday. I completed what I needed to and hit Greg up to see what they had been up to. He said that they were running a little late but to get my passes and hang at the venue for a while. I took his advice and I am glad that I did.

I drove downtown and got something to eat. I got my passes and decided to see who else was on the bill. At the same venue that PRK was at, Sage Francis, Biz Markie and Chuck Ragan were playing. I knew that I had to see that and headed to the Crescent Ballroom. I watched Sage for a while from the side stage. The last time that I had seen him was 2004 with my friend Kris in LA. He put on a hell of a show. Biz Markie was next and was doing a DJ set for the crowd. He played some old school hip hop and told some cool stories.

I headed inside and caught some of the Chuck Ragan set. I'd seen him in Hot Water Music and it was interesting to see a different side of playing from him. Punk Rock Karaoke was next and on the stage inside. The crowd was pumped and really into it. There was a full pit going and a lot of people singing along. They played for almost 90 minutes, ripping through all of the classics.

After the show, Greg and I hung out for a few. We had caught up a little before the show and sadly had a limited amount of time after the show. By this time, it was past 1am and he had to get going. We parted ways knowing that we would get to hang in a few months in Vegas.

Sage Francis singing on stage.
Sage Francis.
Greg Hetson playing guitar on stage.
It is always good to see Greg on stage.