A Quick Trip To Sedona

I'm always on the lookout for a good deal and a chance to get away for a bit. I noticed that Hilton had purchased a couple of properties in Sedona and chose to drive up and give one a shot.

Things were pretty mellow. I went up on a Saturday and chose to go the long way through Jerome. It was a great ride up and my first time taking this way into Sedona. The weather was great and views were beautiful.

I checked into the property and it was great. It looks like it was once an apartment complex that was converted. It was across the street from the hotel that I normally stay at, so I was familiar with the area. I scoped out the room, got things settled in, and looked around for a bit. It was rather interesting seeing a bobcat just hanging around 25 feet away.

There really wasn't much that happened. I checked out a new barbecue place for dinner, grabbed a few beers, and headed back to the hotel. I just sat around and relaxed a bunch. Later in the night, I headed out to check out the sky. Phoenix has a lot of light pollution. Up there, I walked 3 minutes and saw more stars without moving than I'd see gazing the sky in Phoenix. I got to bed at a decent time and called it a night.

I got up Sunday and was well rested. There was not much on the agenda. I packed my things, headed south, and finished the drive to Glendale. It was a very inexpensive trip and I was happy to get a break of scene.

An eat in kitchen.
A convenient little setup.
A bobcat on a golf course.
I asked if he had seen Greyskull and he said no.
Sedona mountains.
The red rocks after dinner.
A night scene of stars.
It felt great to see so many stars unaided.
A large hotel bathroom.
A lot of wasted space.