Senses Fail In Phoenix

Senses Fail is a band that I've always heard but never really been able to catch live before. Luckily, they came through Phoenix on April 18, playing at Martini Ranch. My friend Gavin was playing bass with them, so I was pretty excited for the show.

The show was absolutely fantastic. I got there early and was able to get introduced around to the band. There was a lack of whiskey on the bus, so I made a quick run and grabbed some Makers 46 and Jameson. We spent the next couple of hours drinking whiskey, telling stories, and listening to Ghost.

The band hit the stage just before 10 and played for over an hour to a sold out crowd. The show was fantastic and sounded great. I had to work the following day, so I called it an early night and headed back to my side of town shortly before midnight.

Thanks to Gavin for letting me hang and the Senses Fail team for their hospitality.

The setlist.
The setlist.
Gavin Caswell playing bass guitar.
Gavin on bass.
Senses Fail on stage performing.
Senses Fail.