Senses Fail Starts Their National Tour

Senses Fail have just released another album and are out on a national tour to support it. There were a few Arizona dates on it, so I decided to head out and see the shows.

I had a busy week ahead of me already, so I had to balance my time between the shows and real life. I left Phoenix around 2pm on Monday and headed north to Flagstaff. This would be the first date of the tour and was a small kickoff show at The Green Room. The drive up was pretty easy and relaxing. I hit minimal traffic and loved seeing the green of the forest and feeling the drop in temperature. The ride took about 2 hours and I arrived at the venue around 4. I parked and decided to do some walking around.

I got the plan from the guys and killed a little time while they got over to the venue. They arrived and we spent a few hours hanging out and catching up on things. had not seen most of them in a year, so it was cool to see that everyone was still doing well. I also got to meet the new drummer, Steve, replacing Chris Hornbrook who is now out with Dhani Harrison. I was hungry and so was the team, so we got some pizza at a place around the corner and then headed back to the show.

It was a relatively early show and the band took the stage to a pretty full house. They spent 75 minutes showcasing some of the songs off of the new album as well as a number of the classics. The crowd was great and the show sounded and looked really good for such a small venue. The band looked great and their energy really showed. It seemed like a great way to kick off the tour and to build up some excitement for the Phoenix show.

I had a long drive back to Phoenix, so I called it a relatively early night. I left Flagstaff around 11:30 and did the drive in just under 2 hours. It had been a long but exciting day for me and it felt good to crawl into bed. I was eagerly looking forward to repeating things a few days later.

Snow on the ground with footsteps in it.
Remembering what snow looks like.
Special Ed sitting with a dog.
Lucy hangs.
Sesnses Fail standing on stage in blue light.
I really liked the blues.
Senses Fail on stage performing.
Senses Fail!
Gavin Caswell standing in green spotlights.
Gavin and Greg
Gavin Caswell playing guitar and singing.
Gavin and Buddy.
Buddy Nielsen and Gavin Caswell singing.
3 gentlemen doing their thing.