Senses Fail Back In Phoenix

Senses Fail released Let It Enfold You 10 years ago. To celebrate the anniversary of the album, the band went out on a tour of the US. The band was going to play the album all of the way through and finish the set out with some of the other favorites. It had been almost a year since I had seen them, so I decided to head down to the show.

I got to the show relatively early and got settled in. I had talked to Gavin earlier in the day and knew that the band was doing a meet and greet around 6. I arrived just as it was finishing up and the fans were beginning to clear out. I went over and said hi to everyone and got invited to hang on the bus for a bit. I knew that Buddy had brought his dog Lucy on tour, so I surprised her with a bag of chicken jerky dog treats from work. We all caught up on how life had been and decided to head out and grab food.

Everyone was in the mood for Pho, so we headed out to a place called Unphogettable. It had good reviews and was close to the venue. It was definitely worth the trip. The Pho was phenomenal with great taste in the broth and very fresh meat. We were all fueled up and decided to go back to the venue.

We got back with a few hours before they had to take the stage. We sat around for a while bullshitting around about everything, from cars to the search for Greyskull. The show was packed and I wanted a good spot out front, so I chose to head in early and get situated.

Overall, the band was great. They played with a lot of energy and the crowd really responded to it. They also sounded really great,surprising for the PA that the club had. Unfortunately, the club had a terrible air conditioning unit. Because the air conditioning was underpowered, it was about 95 inside and extremely humid. The band had condensation dripping off of their instruments and Buddy slipped at once point as the whole stage was soaked. I expected more from the club owners.

With the show over, I headed back out to the bus. I hung out for a little bit longer, watching Gavin do a very special interview and taking time to get my limited edition poster signed by everyone. They needed to get on the road for their show in LA, so we said goodbye and I started the ride back to Glendale.

The limited edition tour poster.
My signed limited edition poster.