Senses Fail - Mesa - September 2023

Work has been a madhouse and I needed some time away to feel human again. Luckily, Senses Fail were playing a show at the Nile Theater. This was my chance to get away for a bit. I got all of the details locked in and got ready for a good time.

I got up early and made the drive down. It was smooth sailing and I got there just ahead of the guys. I got the car settled and walked around a bit. The bus eventually showed up and everyone hopped off. I said my hellos before reuniting with Gavin. We headed over to grab some food and spent the next hour or so catching up on life, projects, our respective home renovation work, and everything in between. With that, we headed up to the green room to outline the plan for the day.

They had soundcheck and a meet and greet planned. I let them get to that and took the time to step away. I had decided to stay at a hotel that was a 10 minute walk from the venue. The change of scene was important to me. I took the time to get my stuff over to the hotel, get everything set up in the room, and veg out for a bit. With everything settled, I headed back to the venue. They had completed their stuff but had discovered a bad cable. We piled into the car, hit up Guitar Center, and then headed back to the venue.

I drove the car over to the hotel and walked back. We all agreed that food was needed and found a great place up the road. It started as a small group but became the whole band shortly after. We got and ate our food, enjoyed the time together, and the guys got psyched for the show. They then headed back and got ready to take the stage.

As always, the show was great. The band played well and the show was sold out. The crowd was really into it. The only bad thing was the humidity. The room was super humid and everyone was drenched in sweat. After an hour and 15 minutes, the guys left the stage. From there, everyone headed upstairs and got cleaned up. I hung out as long as I could, literally leaving as the bus was trying to pull away with me in it. I took the quick walk back to the hotel and got some sleep.

Gavin Caswell playing guitar.
Gavin on guitar.
The band lit by orange light.
A killer lighting show.
Buddy singing to the crowd.
Buddy connecting with the crowd.
Gavin leaning into the crowd.
Shout outs to the crowd.
Senses Fail colored in blue light.
The band closing out the set.
Calling All Cars.