The Honorary Title Stops By Phoenix

Mike Schey, the Vice Principle, had been gone for a few months. Shortly after joining The Honorary Title, they began a touring cycle with Mae. Mike was very busy and couldn't check in much, but told me about how much fun he was having during the few times that we got to speak. Halfway through April, the tour came through Phoenix and we all got to meet up again.

It was a great day in Phoenix. The weather was not too bad. The show was being held at the Marquee. I ran a few errands and then made my way to Tempe. The ride was great and I got down there just before 4 pm. As soon as I got there, I ran into the gang. Atom was outside loading in his drums. I hadn't seen him in 4 months, so it was a well welcomed reunion. I said hello to him and caught up for a few minutes. He needed to finish up, so I went inside to say hello to everyone else.

Mike was setting up his gear. He was doing double duty and playing in Far Less as well as The Honorary Title, so he had to make sure that he was set up in time. We made plans to grab dinner and he finished setting up and running through a soundcheck.

Sunni, Mike, and I headed up the street and got lunch. It was great to see him again and catch up on how the tour was going. Dinner took forever, so we headed back to the venue. When we arrived, we discovered that just about everyone was down there. Toco had come by to hang for the night. Sam from The Format had come down to see how the new band was doing. Most of the Bottom Shelf crew came out as well, with it being years since we had all been successfully reunited.

The night went pretty quickly after that. The Honorary Title played a great set, really impressing the crowd. After the show was over, we all decided to head out and enjoy the fact that we were all together again. We went to Nate's house where beers and pitas were shared until 3:30 am. By then, it was getting late and people started to disperse. Around 4 am I called it a night and headed back to North Phoenix. All in all, it was a great night.

The Honorary Title green room sign.
Outside of the green room.
The Honorary Title performing during soundcheck.
Mike during soundcheck.
The Honorary Title performing as viewed from the crowd.
A view from the crowd.
Mike Schey playing guitar on stage.
Mike says hello.
The Homorary title on stage performing.
One thousand happy fans.
The Homorary title on stage performing.
The Honorary Title.
Bridge and Tunnel