The Honorary Title DVD Shoot In Tucson

The Honorary Title is out again this summer. While still supporting their albums, they also chose to shoot a DVD. I was able to take part in the DVD shoot, adding more credit to my IMDB account.

I had spoken to Mike a few days previous to the show. He mentioned that they might need a hand. He explained that while the show in Tucson was part of the tour, it also was being filmed for a DVD that was being worked on. I told him that I would be able to head down and give them a hand. I made my way to the Phoenix show to go over all of the details, but had to leave early due to the terrible sunburn that I got in Mexico.

I trekked down to Tucson Tuesday afternoon. I made fantastic time until the I-10 was closed. I was detoured around by finally found my way to Brooklyn Pizza. Brooklyn has some of the best pizza I have had on the west coast and it is a staple of any trip to Tucson. I picked up some extra food and headed over to Club Congress. I found some parking and made my way in. I dropped the food off and said hello to everyone.

The doors were at 6, so they were just about to open. We all retired to the green room. Everyone hung out and told stories. I took care of some work stuff that needed to be done. After a while, a few of us went downstairs to have a drink. After 3 hours, the stage was set and it was time. The band took the stage and the filming began. They played approximately 10 songs for just over an hour. After all was said and done, I helped break the stage and load out.

The band was staying the night, so we had to go our separate ways. I said goodbye to everyone and got back on the road to Phoenix. The trip back was very uneventful and relaxing. A few years ago, I used to make the trip to Tucson fairly frequently, so it was very nostalgic. I got back home around 2am.

Pictures are below. There is a small video clip, but I can't reveal too much and ruin the DVD.

The Honorary Title during soundcheck.
The stage is set.
Jarrod singing during soundcheck.
The band during soundcheck.
Atom and Mike in the hotel room playing instruments.
Musical geniuses.
The Honorary Title standing against a wall outside.
Waiting to take the stage.
Bridge and Tunnel