KFMA Day 2013 In Tucson

Just a few weeks after the last show, Bad Religion was back in Arizona for a show in Tucson. I decided to go down to the show and take a little time from work as well. I've always wanted to go see the Titan Missile Museum, so I decided to leave a day early so that I could get that in.

The ride down to Tucson was uneventful and nice. It was pretty warm out, so I wasn't able to go with the windows down and moonroof open as I had hoped. I got down to the hotel and unpacked my room. I specifically chose to stay near the airport to facilitate things in the morning. The hotel was nice and it was closer to things than I thought. I dumped everything into the room and headed to the museum.

The Titan Missile Museum was amazing. It is the only decommissioned missile silo that a Titan would have been fired from. It was pretty cool to be able to tour the entire complex, see all of the equipment, and imagine all of the ways that the world would have been different if those missiles had ever needed to be used. The tour lasted for an hour and I then spent some time looking around the complex. The museum closes relatively early, so I spent a little time looking around Tucson, grabbing some Brooklyn Pizza, and getting some shopping in. Around 10, I called it a night and headed back to the hotel so that I was ready for the next day.

I got up early and got over to the venue. I beat the bus there by a few minutes and got settled in. The gang showed up and I grabbed my pass. I was introduced to Mike, the guitarist that was filling in for Greg. Brian, Jay, Miles, and I decided that we were going to hit the town for a bit. We grabbed some great mexican food, bought guitar parts, and took in the beautiful desert scenery. Around then, it was time to get back to the venue so that they could practice with Mike.

Jayme and Tracey came down to the show. They wanted a weekend out and I was able to hook them up so that they could meet my friends and have a good time. I made sure that they got in and had the right passes. We walked around for a bit and took in a couple of the bands. I ducked out for a bit to pick up Brooks, and then met back up with them.

BR took the stage. The 3 of us watched from the sound pit. The show sounded great and once the sun went down, the lighting looked fantastic. We hung around for a little while backstage and then went out front to watch The Killers. They closed the show out and we stuck around for a bit. The girls took off to the hotel and I said my final good byes to the group before they headed to Europe for the summer. I packed up, met the girls at the hotel for a while, and then made the long drive back to Phoenix.

Big thanks to my friends for letting me hang and Jayme and Tracey for making the long drive.

The entrance of the Titan 2 missile silo.
Entering the Titan missile silo.
The control panel in a Titan 2 missile silo.
The control panel that could have ended it all.
A view up through the Titan 2 missile silo.
Looking up through the silo.
A Titan 2 missile engine.
One of the engines that would have carried the missile to its target.
A signed drum head by Bad Religion.
A signed drum head with one of my new stickers on it.
Bad Religion on stage performing.
Bad Religion. Mike's first show.
The Killers on stage performing.
A bad picture of The Killers from the sound pit.