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Bad Religion Is Back At It.
A trolley on an incline.

Bad Religion is on tour again and I got to see them!

Special Ed Really Traveled!
A trolley on an incline.

Special Ed recently traveled to the east cost, making up for last year's miss. It was amazing.

World of Ed Is Getting Updated!

Due to a series of recent technical difficulties and software changes, the site has been in arrears for updates. Things are good and we are now caught up and ready for the rest of the year's travels.

Special Ed Went To Los Angeles
The back of the Hollywood sign.

Special Ed was able to head to Los Angeles for a long weekend. It was incredible.

Special Ed Travels Internationally
A sign on the way to Mexico.

Special Ed traveled internationally. It was a miracle!

2020 In Review

2020 is over in less than a week, so here's a recap!

WOE survived another year.

Special Ed's year was mundane. All of the travel that he had planned for fell apart, so there was a lot of free time. He did travel to 2 new states, visited with lifelong friends, and stayed safe himself. A lot of remodeling was done on his house. He tried to stay in contact with as many friend as possible, despite an uptick in work.

Mike Schey wasn't heard from directly this year. He is missed.

Toco was unavailable this year. He also is missed.

Greyskull continues to be MIA. This year marks the 6th of his absence.

2020 was marked to be an exciting one and was for all of the wrong reasons. We hope that 2021 will reunite the WOE crew and be a great time.

1st Real Travel Of The Year
The Oregon Trail sign.

Special Ed took a break, escaped Phoenix, and traversed 2 states. Check it all out.

Mid Year Update

Just like everyone else, we have been impacted by the various world events. As such, postings this year will be light as the normal music and travel posts will not be feasible.

We hope that all of you are staying safe, looking out for one another, and we look forward to being able to share much more with you next year.

New Merchandise!
We at the World of Ed have decided to design a shirt to honor Ed and his Jersey heritage. The design above is available on a black cotton t-shirt. The world will think more of you if you are sporting one. Contact Ed if you want one. Join the World of Ed.

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