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2022 In Review

2022 is coming to a close and was a little better than 2021 was.

Special Ed's year was highs and lows. He got a new job at work. That job requires more time, so things were much busier for him. He traveled quite a bit to visit with friends, going all over Arizona. In August, he was able to visit with his old friend Chris, one of the major influences in his upbringing. He tried to stay focused on the positives that came out of reconstructive dental surgery, the quality of the time spent with friends and the new memories made, and appreciate the possibility that life has provided him.

The rest of the WOE crew is much missed. We would not be here without all of the work and fun that came from those formative years.

2022 changed the way that WOE operates. 2023 has some big things lines up that we are looking forward to share.

A Winter Trip Up North
A Honda Accord parked in snow.

Special Ed was recently able to travel north an escape life for a few days.

Senses Fail Comes Back To AZ
The band surrounded by colors.

Senses Fail came back to Mesa, we got to hang, and it was a hell of a good time.

A Trip To Vegas To Hang With An Old Friend
A Transformers painting on a wall.

For the first time ever, I was able to hang with an old friend in Vegas. It was fantastic!

Traveling To Tucson For The Circle Jerks
An empty stage.

The day after the Phoenix show, I saw the Circle Jerks in Tucson.

The Circle Jerks Return To Phoenix
The band on stage.

The Circle Jerks are touring again and I got to see them in Phoenix.

A Solid Trip To Flagstaff
Paul, Ed, and Jeff embracing.

I headed to Flagstaff to see an old friend get married and it was great!

A Fun Trip To Tucson
Bad Religion as viewed from the balcony.

Bad Religion is on tour again and I needed a break, so we all caught up in Tucson.

2021 In Review

2021 has only a few days left, so here's a reflection on the year.

WOE survived another year, but barely.

Special Ed's year was a little more exciting than last year. He started the year with a trip to Tucson and crossed over into Mexico for a bit, the first international travel in a long time. He got to see some old friends in LA in April, got to the east coast in August, and saw live music again. He also had to undergo a small surgery that has a lengthy recovery time. He stayed focused on work, perhaps to a fault. Overall, he had a better year than some of the recent ones.

Mike Schey wasn't heard from this year. We assume that he is doing well.

Toco was unavailable this year, but remembered and mentioned. He also is missed.

Greyskull continues to be MIA. His bitcoin wallet hasn't budged and the reported sightings in Panama didn't play out. This year marks the 7th of his absence.

2021 had no major WOE team updates, something that really needs to change in 2022.

Bad Religion Is Back At It
Bad Religion on stage.

Bad Religion is on tour again and I got to see them!

Special Ed Really Traveled!
A trolley on an incline.

Special Ed recently traveled to the east cost, making up for last year's miss. It was amazing.

World of Ed Is Getting Updated!

Due to a series of recent technical difficulties and software changes, the site has been in arrears for updates. Things are good and we are now caught up and ready for the rest of the year's travels.

Special Ed Went To Los Angeles
The back of the Hollywood sign.

Special Ed was able to head to Los Angeles for a long weekend. It was incredible.

Special Ed Travels Internationally
A sign on the way to Mexico.

Special Ed traveled internationally. It was a miracle!

2020 In Review

2020 is over in less than a week, so here's a recap!

WOE survived another year.

Special Ed's year was mundane. All of the travel that he had planned for fell apart, so there was a lot of free time. He did travel to 2 new states, visited with lifelong friends, and stayed safe himself. A lot of remodeling was done on his house. He tried to stay in contact with as many friend as possible, despite an uptick in work.

Mike Schey wasn't heard from directly this year. He is missed.

Toco was unavailable this year. He also is missed.

Greyskull continues to be MIA. This year marks the 6th of his absence.

2020 was marked to be an exciting one and was for all of the wrong reasons. We hope that 2021 will reunite the WOE crew and be a great time.

1st Real Travel Of The Year
The Oregon Trail sign.

Special Ed took a break, escaped Phoenix, and traversed 2 states. Check it all out.

Mid Year Update

Just like everyone else, we have been impacted by the various world events. As such, postings this year will be light as the normal music and travel posts will not be feasible.

We hope that all of you are staying safe, looking out for one another, and we look forward to being able to share much more with you next year.

2019 In Review

2019 is over in a few days so here's a recap!

WOE turned 15!

Special Ed's year was spent working in a variety of ways. He transitioned to a new area at work and spent the year leading his new team in a challenging work time. He also began significant renovations on his house. These had been put off for over a year, so the amount of work and the impact on him living in it was pretty big. He traveled a little but was hampered by all of the other stuff that he had going on. He'd love to tell you that it was an exciting hear, but it wasn't.

Mike Schey wasn't heard from directly this year. He has been a little more active on social media, but Special Ed has not heard from him directly in a while.

Toco was unavailable this year. Special Ed would still love to catch up with him and grab a beer or two.

Greyskull continues to be MIA. This year marks the 5th of his absence.

2019 was a mundane year. 2020 will be a much more exciting one.

Senses Fail Gave Me A Break
A Honda Accord parked near a tour bus.
Senses Fail came back through Phoenix and saved my sanity.

Special Ed Explores San Diego
A recon desk.
I explored San Diego while I was there and had a blast.

Special Ed Hitches A Ride To San Diego
Bad Religion guitarists on stage.
I headed out to San Diego and had a blast. More details inside.

Bad Religion Back In Phoenix
Bad Religion guitarists on stage.
Bad Religion was back in town and I got to spend a few days hanging. Check out how Phoenix was.

Punk Rock Bowling 2019
Night Birds on stage with PJ playing the SG.
Special Ed recently traveled to Las Vegas for this year's Punk Rock Bowling Festival and has many stories to share.

Ash and Sarah Graduate!
The World of Ed would like to recognize two of our faithful constituents, Ash and Sarah. Ash recently graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Service and Public Policy/Sustainability. Sarah has graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Education and the drive and pursuit to attain it, are important in the World of Ed. Hats off to these ladies for doing well and accomplishing these achievements.

World of Ed Turns 15!
What started 15 years ago over beers has blossomed into an amazing 15 year old site. Thank you to all of the fine constituents that support us.

Senses Fail At It Again
Buddy Nielsen singing into a microphone while Gavin Caswell plays guitar.
Senses Fail is out on a co-headlining tour with The Amity Affliction. They came through Phoenix and I was there to check it out.

2018 In Review
2018 is about to close out!

Special Ed's year was pretty interesting. He had a few medical things come up that were thankfully able to be resolved quickly. He did a little more traveling this year as well. He was able to visit family on the east coast, travel the west coast a bit, and see more of Arizona. There were a number of things that he wished were different, but that is par for the course. He had a safe year, so he's happy.

Mike Schey wasn't heard from this year. As the WOE crew ages, we sadly don't get to see each other as much as Special Ed wishes was possible.

Toco was also missing this year. Special Ed's resolution for 2019 is to track that guy down and drink a beer with him.

Greyskull continues to be MIA and is very missed. We expect to see him starting his run for the 2020 presidential election soon, therefore showing that he is still alive.

2018 was a weird year again. 2019 will hopefully be a year full of positives and growth.

Special Ed Returns To Los Angeles
The courtyard where Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered.
Special Ed headed back to California and had a blast!

Senses Fail Plays The Last Warped Tour
Buddy Nielsen standing in front of the crowd.
The last Warped Tour came through Phoenix and Senses Fail was on it!

Special Ed Returns To The East Coast
Special Ed and 4 friends standing and smiling.
Special Ed recently returned to the east coast. Inside, you'll find the details of the adventure.

Senses Fail Rolls Through Mesa
Buddy Nielsen singing and dancing.
The Senses Fail tour continued with a stop in Mesa.

Senses Fail Starts Their National Tour
Senses Fail on stage performing.
Senses Fail kicked off a new tour and I was there to see it.

2017 In Review
2017 is almost over! Special Ed's year was pretty crazy. He changed jobs and industries this year, so that was a big impact to his free time and income. The health issues that he was experiencing from stress disappeared. He spent most of the year in Phoenix, focused on the new job and keeping his head low. This can be seen in the few updates to the site this year.

Mike Schey had a busy year. He had a number of personal changes come up and started a few new journeys. He's been busy, but hopefully will be back in full force in 2018.

Toco was found earlier in the year when Ed found some old Format videos. Toco pitched in by helping to get them out to the group. He's a good dude.

Greyskull continues to be MIA and is very missed. We expect to see him starting his run for the 2020 presidential election soon, therefore showing that he is still alive.

2017 was a weird year for a lot of people. 2018 should be a nice rebound year.

The Punk In Drublic Tour In Phoenix
Bad Religion on stage performing.
Bad Religion and NOFX came to town and I had a blast!

Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies Roll Through Phoenix
Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies on stage performing.
The Gimmies came through Phoenix and I saw them for the first time!

Special Ed's Last Work Trip To Denver
Snow on the top of the Rocky Mountains.
Special Ed traveled to Denver one last time for work. Details are inside.

Senses Fail Celebrates 15 Years Of Still Searching
Senses Fail performing in purple lighting.
Senses Fail came through to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Still Searching. Check out how the day was!

Special Ed Gets A New Job
After a really long time spent in retail, Special Ed got himself a new job. He's excited to be doing a different type of work and learning a new industry.

2016 In Review
2016 is wrapping, so it's time to look back and recap the year.

Special Ed's year was a mess. He started a new job at work and got to do some traveling in the first half of the year. He saw Puerto Rico for the first time and got a chance to visit the Maker's Mark distillery. The back half of the year was pretty brutal. He had a number of things that came up that made it a rough time for him. He powered through it and was thankfully able to close out the year with some great friends.

Schepy had a mixed year as well. He moved within Phoenix, had some job opportunities, and was pretty low key. He was still a faithful Vice Principal and repped the World of Ed sufficiently.

Toco was MIA for 2016. He was however seen in many pictures working at Goodfellas Merch.

Greyskull continues to be MIA and is very missed. He's still an asshole for leaving as he did. He can only be assumed to be working on a grassroots campaign for further World of Ed growth.

2016 was weird but better than 2015. 2017 needs to be more mellow than 2016 was.

Senses Fail And Sum 41 In Phoenix
Gavin Caswell playing guitar and singing.
Sum 41 and Senses Fail rolled though Phoenix. The night was great, so check it out!

Bad Religion Rolls Back Through Phoenix
Bad Religion on stage performing as seen from the crowd.
Bad Religion came back through Phoenix and you know I was there. Check it all out.

Special Ed Heads To Florida
Special Ed standing with The Ergs!
Special Ed recently went to Florida, seeing The Ergs!, Night Birds, and more. See how it was!

Mikey Erg Is Back In Phoenix
Special Ed and Mikey Erg holding a bottle of Makers 46.
Mikey Erg came through Phoenix to support Tentative Decisions and we got to hang. Check it out!

Special Ed Heads To Vegas For Punk Rock Bowling
A sign advertising the Freemont Experience area.
Special Ed recently trekked to Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling. It was a blast and you should read all about it.

Special Ed In Kentucky
A flight of Makers Mark for testing.
Special Ed recently spent time in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. More details inside.

Faithful Fans Move To Minnesota
We at the World of Ed would like to wish Kathryn and her family a safe journey as they move to Minnesota.

Special Ed Tries Out Puerto Rico
A hammock on a beach.
Special Ed journeyed to Puerto Rico for the first time and is excited to tell you all about it.

Punk Rock Karaoke Returns To Phoenix
Greg Hetson playing guitar on stage.
Punk Rock Karaoke and a number of other great acts came through Phoenix and I had a great time.

2015 In Review
2015 is wrapping, so it's time to look back to recap the year.

Special Ed's year was a little bit of everything. He continued to travel for work and fun, got to see a number of his friends as they toured the country, and had some really great new friends show up in his life. While the year was full of turmoil at work, he survived all of the craziness and managed to get promoted. His goal for 2016 is to find a better balance between going out and being social and being the low key guy that he likes to be.

Schepy had a pretty good year. He continued on the music path, joining Video Head System and bringing his influence to that band. He also had some work that he completed with Sam Means start to get publicized for a 2016 release. He kept his head focused at work, adding a couple of new skills and getting a promotion.

Toco was MIA for 2015. He was however seen in many pictures working at Goodfellas Merch.

Greyskull continues to be MIA and is very missed. As he was voted in to the Head of Presidential Security role, it can only be assumed that he is out looking for clandestine threats to Special Ed.

2015 was weird but better than 2014. 2016 should be one to remember.

Senses Fail Return To Phoenix
Greg playing bass guitar on stage.
Senses Fail came back through Phoenix. Read all about it.

Mike Yannich Makes It Back To AZ
Worriers band on stage.
Mike came back through AZ with his band, Worriers. Check it all out.

Falling In Reverse Starts The New Tour In Phoenix
Falling In Reverse on stage performing.
Falling In Reverse started their Super Villains tour in Phoenix. Check out the details inside.

Mike Schey Is Moving Up
We at the World of Ed would like to congratulate our Vice Principal Mike on his recent promotion. He's on a great track and we are excited to see where he is going. Congrats Mike!

Special Ed Heads Back To The East Coast
A view of a large field from behind a cannon.
Special Ed headed back to the east coast for a much needed visit. Check out the details inside.

Special Ed Heads To The Woods
A scenic view of the woods.
Special Ed was able to escape to the woods for a relaxing weekend. Read all about it!

Senses Fail Comes Through On The Warped Tour
Senses Fail on stage performing.
Senses Fail was out on the Warped Tour promoting the new album. Check out my day in the heat.

Special Ed Heads Back To The A-T-L!
Interstate signs on signposts in Atlanta.
Special Ed just got back from Atlanta and wants you to know all about it.

Mike Joins Video Head System
Mike Schey sitting with a guitar on his lap.
Mike recently joined Video Head System, an electronic rock band from Phoenix. Check out their music here.

Bad Religion And Off! In Tempe
Special Ed singing with Bad Religion.
Bad Religion and Off! are out touring together and stopped in Phoenix. Check out the details of the day.

NOFX And The Vandals In Tempe
Melvin from NOFX jumping in the air while playing.
NOFX and The Vandals were in town for a festival show. Read all about it.

Special Ed Heads To San Antonio
The exterior of the Alamo.
Special Ed traveled to San Antonio for the first time in years and lived to tell about it.

Senses Fail Comes Back Through Phoenix
Senses Fail was back on tour again, this time on the Bayside tour. Although I had seen everyone a few weeks earlier in Tucson, I had to get out to the show and make the most of seeing my friends. Luckily, I was at a work team building Spring Training game earlier in the day. This worked out well for me as it put me most of the way to the venue and allowed me to get there early.

I got downtown around 5, just as everyone was leaving work. I got a prime parking spot at the venue and met up with everyone. We all caught up on the last few weeks, had a couple of Makers 46, and talked about how stoked everyone was for the show that night. Before it got too late, Gavin, Matt, and I headed out to get some food and do some shopping at Cityscape. We killed a few hours, watched a really nice sunset over the mountains, and found one really awesome jacket. They were playing relatively early, so we headed back to the venue so that everyone could get ready.

The show was fantastic. The stage was pretty big and Buddy was full of energy. This was my first time at The Pressroom and I was surprised at how cool they were able to keep it. This kept the sold out crowd really engaged and focused on the band. The sound system was great too. Overall, it was one of the best performances that I've ever seen them put on. Unfortunately, their time came to an end and they needed to run the stage over to Bayside.

After the show, I hung out for a bit while the band loaded out. I said my good byes to everyone and headed back to my house, having to get some sleep before work. Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in having fun that I missed taking pictures at this show too.

Senses Fail Were Back In Tucson
Senses Fail were back on tour again, kicking off the tour with Bayside with a few warm up dates. One of these was in Tucson, playing at The Rock again. I obviously had to go down to see them.

I made the drive down pretty easily, leaving work after a half day. The drive down was ok, however definitely impacted by slower moving traffic. I got into town, did a little record shopping and met up with the guys. Everything before the show was pretty chill. We caught up on life, grabbed some dinner, and had a couple of Makers.

The show was great. The crowd was really into it and singing along with all of the songs. I decided to watch from the pit. There were no pictures as I wasn't willing to risk my phone or camera. The band played for over an hour and the show went off great.

I still had a long drive ahead of me and the band wanted to get traveling to LA, so it was a very early night. The band loaded out, I said goodbye, and then hit the road while I was still fresh enough to drive. After a nice little drive home, I got a few hours of sleep before heading to work.

Periphery Comes Through Phoenix
Periphery is a band that has been garnering a lot of attention. They've been putting out some really great music, have developed a strong following, released their newest album set, Juggernaut, and Spencer is doing double duty in From First To Last. Having met Spencer in FFTL, I decided to check out Periphery when they came through.

I don't have much to really write about the show. I got down to the venue after work and met up with Spencer. Since we are both Markers Mark fans, I brought a bottle of 46 along to celebrate with. We had a few drinks on the bus and caught up on what had happened in the last month since I'd seen him. Shortly after that, everyone else showed up to the show. We all went out front, had another couple of drinks and took in the show.

Periphery was amazing and sounded great. My biggest disappointment was that I did not get any pictures or video of the set. I spent the entire time taking in the set and really enjoying it. After 90 minutes, they came off of the stage. I had work in the morning, so I said goodbye and headed home. If you get a chance to see these guys, make sure that you do!

Special Ed Heads To Chicago
The Bean sculpture surrounded by skyscrapers.
Special Ed started the year by spending some time in Chicago. Read all about it.

2014 In Review
2014 is coming to a close, so it's time to look back and see how the year was.

Special Ed's year was crazy again. The year started with taking in a little homeless cat that was then named Greyskull. Greyskull was a good fit and really became part of the family. In the first half of the year, Ed got to do a good amount of traveling, hitting Colorado and California. The back half of the year got much more tumultuous. PetSmart did layoffs and corporate travel was cut. Greyskull disappeared and has not been seen since. PetSmart was then sold, causing some uncertainty for Ed's future. Ed also got dumped right before Christmas. Either way, he made the best of things, doing a little more traveling and focusing on stashing money away in case of emergency.

Schepy had a pretty low key year. He kept his head down, focused on making some money, and had some really good things happen. As always, he continued to make music.

Toco was not sighted physically in 2014. He was however seen in many pictures working at Goodfellas Merch.

2014 was weird, but 2015 should be much better.

From First To Last Back In Phoenix
Spencer Sotelo singing into the camera.
From First To Last came back through Phoenix while on tour. Check it all out.

From First To Last Returns!
Spencer Sotelo and Travis Richter singing together.
From First To Last is back and playing shows. I was able to experience the return.

Fan Mail From Paris
A postcard from France addressed to the World of Ed.
Big thanks to Adrienne for representing the World of Ed brand in Paris and confirming our presence.

10 Years Of Let It Enfold You
The limited edition tour poster.
Senses Fail was out supporting the anniversary of Let It Enfold you and I joined them in the celebration.

Summer Nationals 2014
Bad Religion on stage performing in Mesa.
The 2014 Summer Nationals tour hit the road and I took in a few shows.

Mikey Erg And The Copyrights In Phoenix
The Copyrights on stage performing.
Mikey Erg came back through Phoenix. Check out everything that happened.

Greyskull Is Still Missing!
A gray tabby lounging on the ground.
Greyskull is still on the run. I hired tracking dogs to find him. He was tracked leaving the neighborhood, climbing a mountain, crossing a small stretch of desert, following another canal, and then entering the neighborhood again approximately a half mile to the west of home. His scent then overlapped and could not be traced. I've searched extensively for him and knocked on every door but cannot find him. Please contact me immediately if you see him.

Greyskull Is Missing!
A gray tabby sitting on the ground near a food bowl and looking at you.
As of June 24th at 8AM, Greyskull has gone missing. He was last seen in the morning eating his breakfast and has not been seen since. He was wearing a blue collar with current information, a white flea and tick collar, and is microchipped. The chip has been reported as missing. He is very friendly and approachable. I love him a lot and want him home safe. Please contact me immediately if you see him.

A Few Days Out With Night Birds
Night Birds setting up gear in Los Angeles.
The Night Birds hit the west coast and I got to hang with them for a few days.

Off! Comes Back To Phoenix
Off! on stage performing.
Off! came back to Phoenix to support Wasted Years and I had to go see them.

Meet Greyskull!
A gray tabby cat on Special Ed's shoulder.
Greyskull is the most recent addition to the World of Ed. I found him while helping a friend move. He'd been abandoned and was starving. I got him into a no kill shelter as I am allergic to cats. I immediately felt terrible about it. Luckily, I was able to get him back. I tried him out at my house, but reacted too strongly for him to be able to stay. He moved in with my friend and now has a safe home. He's a great cat and a fine addition to the World of Ed crew.

Falling In Reverse
Falling In Reverse on stage performing as seen from the crowd.
I recently got to see Falling In Reverse. They were amazing. Check it out!

2013 In Review
2013 is now a distant memory, so it is time for the yearly recap of events.

Special Ed's year was crazy. It started out pretty normally with shows and work on the house. After a few delays, his house was repainted and his entire back patio rebuilt. Things then got crazy. He thought that he was going to be getting back together with someone very special. Doing this would have involved him being a father figure and he spent a lot of time focusing on himself and making sure that he could be the right guy for both of them. Then, things never happened and he spent the rest of the year bummed about it. He also found out that ghosts are real, traveled back to the east coast, and reunited the Bottom Shelf crew just after Christmas.

Schepy also had an adventurous year. He ended up getting a new job, supporting a local hospital and their IT systems. He also got a new car, sticking with his Honda heritage. He hung with Special Ed and tried to help him through his depression over the summer and closed the year out with a trip to California to visit his family.

Toco was sighted at the QT hear Special Ed's house. As of July, 2013, he has been confirmed as alive and not eaten by a bear as reported last year.

Senses Fail In Tucson
Senses Fail on stage performing.
Senses Fail came back to AZ and Special Ed visited them in Tucson.

Another East Coast Trip
A waterfall in a gorge in Ithaca, New York.
It has been a few years but I made it back east again. Check it out!

World of Ed Stickers
A sticker with the World of Ed logo on it.
We've created some new merchandise. Order a sticker or two!

Avenged Sevenfold Returns To Phoenix
Pyrotechnics going off in front of the stage.
I saw Avenged Sevenfold again. Check out the details.

Special Ed Survived The Stanley Hotel
The interior of Room 217.
I survived Room 217. Read all about the adventure!

KFMA Day Was A Success
Bad Religion on stage performing.
I got to hang with the gang again after just a couple of weeks. Check it!

KFMA Day 2013
Special Ed will be attending KFMA Day in Tucson on May 4th. Stop by and say hello!

Special Ed To Visit The Stanley Hotel
Special Ed will be staying at the Stanley Hotel in June. This hotel inspired Stephen King to write The Shining and Ed will be staying in room 217, the same room that Stephen King did. More to come.

That Damned Show 2013
Brian Baker, Brooks Wackerman, and Jay Bentley standing with a bunny statue.
Bad Religion was back in Phoenix to headline That Dammed Show. Enjoy the recap.

Senses Fail In Phoenix
Gavin Caswell playing bass guitar.
Senses Fail came through Phoenix. Check it out.

Special Ed standing on the grassy knoll.
Special Ed returned to Dallas for the first time in 10 years. More details about the trip inside.

Back To Denver

Special Ed was able to spend a few days in Denver in February. It was a nice work trip and broke up the monotony of Phoenix. Every experience there has been fun and the upcoming ones in June are very much looked forward to.

2012 In Review
2012 is winding down, so it is time for the yearly recap of events.

Special Ed had a pretty crazy year. He left North America for the first time, spending just under a month traveling overseas. He saw many of his friends while traveling throughout the US, including some traveling for the first summer vacation in a long time. The latter half of the year found him spending more time in Phoenix, focusing on fixing some of the relationships that had become strained through his previous work schedules.

Schepy continued to work on being a badass. He also did some traveling in the US for work and got to scope out a few new places for the World of Ed to expand into. He continued to write music, collaborating with our old pal Atom. Sadly, 2012 saw the demise of his old car. Things are trending well for Schepy going into 2013.

Toco got eaten by a bear. It was sad.

More Merchandise!
We at the World of Ed have decided to design a shirt to honor Ed and his general amazingness. The design above is available on a black cotton t-shirt. The world will think more of you if you are sporting one. Contact Ed if you want one. Join the World of Ed.

The (Almost) Christmas Vandals Show
The Vandals on stage performing.
The Vandals and The Misfits were in town and I was able to attend. Check out the show!

Off! Hits Arizona
Off! on stage performing.
Off! finally made it out to Arizona. I was able to attend the shows and was stoked. Check it out!

Special Ed Drives A Ferrari
Special Ed and a Ferrari F430GT.
Special Ed drove a Ferrari. It was pretty amazing.

Summer Trip!
Tenacious D on stage performing.
Special Ed just went on his first summer vacation in a while. Pics and details can be found inside.

Denver And Chicago
The Baldwin Park fountain spraying water.
Special Ed recently traveled to Denver and Chicago for work and had a blast!

Special Ed's New Job
Special Ed will not be working in the technology field much longer. He's decided to get his MBA and leverage his existing degree in Finance. Starting in a few weeks, he'll be doing advanced financial analytics.

Special Ed's World Tour
Special Ed standing outside of the Eiffel Tower.
Special Ed recently traveled all over the world. Check it out.

NOFX Is Back In Phoenix
A tour poster signed by NOFX.
NOFX came back through Phoenix on the West Coaster tour and I was there to see it all.

2011 In Review
2011 saw much more traveling than 2010.

Special Ed started the year by getting a promotion and raise at work. It was a great way to get the year started. He used some of the newfound cash to revamp his entire living room. He then found out that he needed some major dental surgery that would take 9 months to complete. That put a big crimp in things. He traveled to DisneyLand in April for a family trip, saw The Grim and MDC later the same month, went back home in September, and finished the year out at the Goldenvoice 30 show in LA. Oh yeah, a new car got thrown in the mix too.

Schepy continued to work on being a badass. He got a new job in a very promising new field and proved himself quite well at work. He's continued to work on music and has some new work that we hope to showcase soon.

Toco hasn't been seen in years.

Off To Santa Monica
A night view of Santa Monica Pier.
Time for a trip to the left coast!

Special Ed Returns Home Again
The Apollo 11 space capsule in a protective case.
Special Ed found himself on the east coast for 2 weeks. It was great to be home as can be witnessed inside.

Family Trip To Disneyland
A blurry picture full of wild colors.
I recently took a family trip to Disneyland. Check out the pics above.

2010 In Review
Christmas of 2010 has come and gone. 2010 was a crazy year for the World of Ed team.

As seen below, Special Ed had an eventful year. Starting it off on the right track with some great shows set a hopeful tone. Then, he broke his arm and was hit by a car, driving a few months of stagnation and physical therapy. Bad Religion hit the road again, allowing for a few shows in Arizona to get back in the swing of things. The year closed out with a trip to San Francisco to visit some good friends and some successful LASIK surgery.

Schepy toured with Fun. and got to play some amazing shows. He got back to Phoenix and started focusing on his own music, driving toward a new band.

Toco continues to be M.I.A.

2011 looks promising for the whole World of Ed crew.

My Visit To San Francisco
Alcatraz as seen from the shore.
Check out my adventures in San Francisco.

San Francisco
Special Ed will be traveling to San Francisco soon to visit some friends. Look for an update on his first venture into this crazy city.

Good Times In Phoenix
Ron Kimball, Brian Baker, and Special Ed standing backstage.
Hanging in Phoenix with my friends.

Back To Tucson
Bad Religion on stage performing as seen by the crowd.
Back to Tucson to visit with some friends.

Coming soon. Stay tuned.

Benefit Show In Phoenix
Check this out. One of the best bands in Phoenix, The Other 49, are beginning a series of charity shows. The first show will benefit St. Mary's Food Bank, a personal favorite charity of Special Ed's. If you live in Phoenix, you really ought to come down and check out some great bands. If you can't make it, send St. Mary's a few bucks. You never know when you might need their help.

New Bad Religion Album
Bad Religion has a new album coming out on September 28, 2010. I highly recommend that you get it. You can order it from here. New albums = new tours, so expect to see Special Ed hopping around the U.S. again shortly.

What Happened To The World of Ed?
The last 6 months have been a very hectic time. Shortly after the time out with Bad Religion, Special Ed broke his right arm. This precluded him from finishing out the last dates with BR. Because he is a righty, it also significantly impacted his ability to do much of anything. After two and a half months of physical therapy, he was back on the move. Shortly after that, he was hit by a car while running. He did not sustain any major injuries, but landed on the previously broken arm, aggravating the old injury. Layer in a very large project for work that required learning new technologies like UNIX, and it made for a busy Ed. He's now 90% recuperated on the arm and back on track.

Schepy had some great opportunities come his way. He toured briefly with Fun , the band put together by his old friend Nate Ruess after the Format took a break. He had a great time, playing huge shows such as Bamboozle East. He returned back to Phoenix and was working on keeping his head low and writing some new music. Out of the blue, a great job opportunity came his way, which he has embraced. He is currently getting settled in on the new job, stashing his cash, and figuring out what the next stage of his musical career will be.

Day 4 In San Diego
Greg Graffin singing with the spotlight on him while Jay plays.
Last Day For A Week.

Day 3 In San Diego
A handbill indicating that the show is sold out.
Back in the SD.

Day 2 In Anaheim
A statue of Disney characters in a small park.
Kicking it at Disney Land.

Day 1 In Anaheim
A gold statue of Mickey Mouse on a blue base.
I made it to Anaheim!

Special Ed Is Traveling
I'll be out with some friends during the month of March. Come hang with me in the following cities: March 17 - Anaheim, CA
March 18th - Anaheim, CA
March 19th - San Diego, CA
March 20 - San Diego, CA
March 21 - San Diego, CA
March 26 - Las Vegas, NV
March 27 - Las Vegas, NV

2009 In Review
2009 was a busy year for us all. Because of that, the World of Ed crew was significantly less productive than it had been in previous years.

Special Ed spent most of the year focused on work. When he wasn't working, chances are that he was renovating his house. In the brief free periods that he had from either of those, he was hanging out with his friends. He was able to spend a good amount of quality time with his music friends this year, seeing people like Ron 5 or 6 times. He was also able to venture out to LA for one of the last LA trips in the foreseeable future.

Mike kept his head down with work as well. He got a new job that required him to be busy most of the year. He also focused on writing and producing more music and developing more art with ex World of Ed member, Rollo.

Toco hasn't been seen for a year. He might be on the lam.

The Vandals Come To Phoenix
Warren of The Vandals singing.
The Vandals recently came through Phoenix on their Christmas tour. Click on the pic to see how it was.

Special Ed Goes To LA
The Roscoe's Chicken sign.
I traveled to LA for one of the last visits in the foreseeable future. I spent 4 days in November relaxing. I was able to spend a good amount of time with Kris before his departure from LA. I also saw Adrienne for the first time in a really long time. This trip also marked my first visit to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. If you have never been there, you are missing out. Overall, it was exactly what I needed and helped me get my head clear for the upcoming holidays.

Special Ed Goes To Atlanta
The Atlanta skyline as seen from a freeway.
I recently went to Atlanta for work. It was one hell of a trip. Click on the pic to check out the details.

Summer 2009
The summer of 2009 was a very uneventful one. Lots of stuff went on, just not much World of Ed stuff.

Special Ed worked quite a bit. He was promoted earlier in the year and now has much more responsibility than he previously had. A good portion of the summer was spent renovating and remodeling his first house, keeping him insulated from the atrocious Arizona heat. He got to see people like Beth and Stanton, whom he rarely gets to visit. He met Vanilla Ice. Finally, he solidified friendships with great people like Jess, Gabby, and Julia. Overall, the summer treated him well.

Mike kept his head down and stayed focused. He worked quite a bit and focused on keeping busy. He hung with his brother and overall had a good time.

Toco has not been heard from in months. He may be dead.
Special Ed and Vanilla Ice standing.
Special Ed and Vanilla Ice.
Special Ed and Jeska standin and smiling.
Special Ed and Jess.

Make A Difference
Due to the banking crisis, the global scale back, and a variety of other factors, there are quite a few people that now find themselves hungry and unable to provide for themselves and their families. There are organizations out there that can help, but their supplies are dwindling and demand is higher than it has ever been. Places like St. Mary's Food Bank need your help. They are able to create 7 meals for every donated dollar that they receive. Before you go out and spend five or six bucks a drink at the bar, think of the 35 or 40 meals that it could provide and the people that it could help. Be part of the solution.

Warped Tour 2009 In Phoenix
NOFX from the front of the stage.
I hung out with some friends at Warped Tour. Check it out.

Hanging With My Friends
Sunset over the golf course green.
I had a rare opportunity to hang with some really good friends of mine for 2 days in a row. Pics and a recap are up.

Warped Tour
I'm going to be hanging with some friends June 29th and 30th. Anyone else hanging out?

Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza Recap
This year worked out differently than the previous ones but I still had a blast. Thank you to everyone that came out and made it a good one. Special thanks to Dana for the zombie cake.

Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza
Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza will be taking place this year on May 30th in Peoria, AZ. Contact Special Ed if you would like more information.

Yet Another Show
I'm hanging with some friends in Las Vegas on March 28th. Hit me up if you are going to be there.

Bad Religion and The Used In Tempe
Bert from The Used with his arm in the air singing.
The day after Tucson, I got to hang with The Used and Bad Religion. Pics and stuff are inside.

Bad Religion In Tucson
The marquee on the Rialto Theater.
Bad Religion Rulz!!! Check it.

More Upcoming Shows
I will be out with Bad Religion on March 16th in Tucson and March 17th in Phoenix. Come out and say hello.

NOFX Returns
The small yellow NOFX banner.
Just hours after hanging with Avenged Sevenfold, I got to see NOFX. Check it.

Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold on stage performing.
I hung out with Avenged Sevenfold a few weeks back. Click to read all about it.

Upcoming Shows
Look for Special Ed at Avenged Sevenfold on January 30th and NOFX January 31st.

2008: A Year In Review
This year has been another good one for the World of Ed crew. Here's a brief recap of the high points.

Special Ed continued to travel this year, getting to visit tons of old friends. He made his first trip to Mexico. He get promoted and got a huge raise at work, leading to a less stressed Ed. He bought his first house and spent many months renovating it, unfortunately at the expense of seeing his local friends. He met a bunch of great girls and in the Special Ed fashion, had every one of them not work out. He closed out 2008 in a room full of really great friends from all over the country, giving 2009 a good outlook.

Mike toured the country more with The Honorary Title. While back in Phoenix, he returned to school, seeking out a degree in Pharmacology. He has been seen around Phoenix by Ed, but not as much as he should be.

Toco worked all year. He started getting his car straight and getting everything pulled together. He disappeared around September and has been sighted sporadically since then.

Rollo bounced.

2009 looks promising. For all of the World of Ed members, 2008 was a year of pulling things together. Now that the road is paved, we all intend on blazing down it.

Edgefest 2008
Fletcher from Pennywise playing his guitar on stage.
Special Ed was at Edgefest 2008 this year, visiting with some friends. Click and see how the day went.

The World of Ed Has Moved
It has been a while since there was an update. I've received quite a few emails asking if the site was down or if there were issues related to the move. Fear not, everything went well. The entire World of Ed crew has been very busy, hence the lack of updates.

The World of Ed Is Moving
The World of Ed will be moving later this month. We believe that all of the files will move over without issue and that you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted World of Ed service.

The Honorary Title DVD Shoot
The Honorary Title during soundcheck.
The Honorary Title is out on tour and shooting a dvd. Click for details.

Rocky Point
A picture of the ocean from a tall balcony.
Special Ed recently went to Rocky Point for a few days. Click above for a few pictures from the trip.

The Ergs!
The Ergs made their way through Phoenix again. Click here for a recap and some video.

Playstation 3
The World of Ed now has a PS3 account. Special Ed has been on it quite a bit playing Call of Duty 4. Add us as a friend if you like.

Happy Birthday Mike!
The World of Ed would like to extend some fantastic birthday wishes to Mike Schey, the best Vice Principal around.

Muzz Moves Away
June 6th celebrated the departure of Mike "Muzz" Jarmuz to Clarksdale, Mississippi. Muzz celebrated with a packed going away, partially sponsored by worldofed.com. Muzz has been a great friend of the World of Ed and we are all sad to see him go. We all hope that we will see him soon and that he will someday return to Phoenix (but not until September 11th, 2008).

Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza - Thanks
Special thanks go out to everyone that came out for the Birthday Bonanza. Dinner at Ra was a bit of a bust, but drinking at Casey Moore's was fantastic. Once again, I got to spend my birthday with the people I care about. Thank you all!

Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza
Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza will be held in Phoenix this year on May 30th. Email me if you would like to attend.

Back To Vegas!
A large Trojan horse inside the Caesar's Palace hotel.
I recently made my way back to Las Vegas. It was a boring trip, but a brief synopsis can be found inside.

To The Moon!
A certificate for the World of Ed for a lunar explorer.
I am a fan of Astrophysics, Mike is into all things space, and Toco is a space cadet, so it only made sense that we go to the moon.

World of Ed Updates
Updates have been a little slow lately. Lots of things have been going on in the World of Ed. Don't fear, more content is here.

Jackass Reunites
The Jackass band and crew standing.
Jackass, one of the best country/punk rock bands ever, disbanded a few years back. They recently reunited for a few shows in California and Arizona. Pictures and videos from two of the Arizona shows can be found through the pic.

The Honorary Title Stops By Phoenix
Mike Schey playing guitar on stage.
The Honorary Title has been out on tour with Mae. They recently came through Phoenix. You can check out what Mike has been up inside.

Las Vegas Part 2
Special Ed singing with Bad Religion.
I am back from Las Vegas. Click to see what I did.

Las Vegas
The Luxor hotel.
I am currently in Las Vegas and having a blast. Click to check out what has been going on.

I'm Heading Back To Vegas
From March 28th through the 30th, I will be heading back to Las Vegas. Look for updates while I am out and about.

Mike Joins The Honorary Title
With the recent breakup of The Format, Mike was left in a position to explore other options. We are happy to announce that he has joined The Honorary Title. Mike will be replacing their guitarist Jon for the upcoming tour. He leaves on March 4th to meet with the band and begin a 2 month tour cycle. Make sure to check out their site and get out to their shows.

The Format Takes A Break
New York, NY – Nate Ruess and Sam Means, the principle duo behind Arizona’s The Format, have tabled the band to focus on other projects. “We have decided to put The Format aside and work on our individual material. This was a tough decision,” says Means.

“We came out of tour last Fall and realized that we all have different aspirations right now. It didn't’t feel like the right time to create a new Format album,” adds Ruess.

The duo will continue to operate their label together but it remains to be seen if there will be another release from The Format. “There’s nothing scandalous about this decision,” says Nate, “Sam and I remain extremely close.”

Ruess already has the ball in motion for his first non-Format album, which is expected to be released later this year.

“We want to thank the fans who made this the best 5 years of our lives.”

As you can imagine, this will affect Toco and Mike. They will both be able to take a more prominent role in the World of Ed. Mike is currently exploring his musical options, so expect more big news about him in the future.

The Circle Jerks Triumphant Return To Phoenix
The Circle Jerks on stage performing.
The Circle Jerks recently made their way back to Phoenix. Click to see a few pictures and videos from the show.

2007: A Year In Review
This year has been another good one for the World of Ed crew. Here's a brief recap of the high points.

Special Ed traveled extensively this year to a great many new places. He continued to make new friends and visit with the old ones. He had a chance to visit with many of his band friends over the course of the year, some of whom he hasn't seen in quite a while. He continued to develop his computer skills and branched out into technical contracting. Most importantly, he learned to mellow out and be less stressed.

Mike toured the country for most of the year. He made appearances on the Carson Daly show multiple times and starred in The Format's first DVD. While back at home, he served as a faithful Vice Principal, helping Ed with the site and being a generally good dude.

Toco continued to tour with The Format. While back in Phoenix, he spent time with his girlfriend and started at a job with a friend, dealing in off road vehicle parts. He built himself a sick gaming computer and has begun working with Ed on developing the new Linux based World of Ed server system.

Rollo was a new addition to the crew this year and fit in nicely. During the course of the year, he filmed 4 movies, finished one script, started another, and then shelved it due to the WGA strike. He also developed some TV promotional materials for the World of Ed.

2008 looks promising. We're working on building a new server system that should be better equipped for the international growth that the site is seeing. Stay tuned true believers.

New Software
The World of Ed has been lacking updates recently. The main reason has been due to the software updates that have been happening and some glitches that occurred because of them. We are now running Windows Vista on the design box and are doing all site design with Adobe CS3 Web Premium. We've also upgraded the FTP programs, video editing, etc. We apologize for the inconvenience. Special Ed recently hung out with Youth Brigade and Guttermouth. An update should be available soon.

The Format: Live At The Mayan
The Format's new DVD, Live At The Mayan came out this week. Besides Mike being in it, Special Ed is credited for his work on it and shows up a few times. You can order it here.

Hooker Safari
The Natalia Fabia sign in the art gallery.
I traveled to Los Angeles last weekend for Natalia Fabia's Hooker Safari art show. My account can be found by clicking above.

Halloween 2007
The World of Ed crew standing in their costumes.

Special Ed Returns To New Jersey
Special Ed standing with Bruce Springsteen.
I recently traveled back to the East coast for a bit. Check out what I did.

Edgefest 2007
Jay Bentley and Brian Baker performing on stage.
I have videos and a recount of the day up from Edgefest 2007. Check them out.

What's Been Going On
For all of you World Of Ed enthusiasts out there, here's a brief update.

Mike and Toco are still on tour with The Format. They get back into Phoenix next Sunday. I am trying to organize a BBQ to honor their return. More news to come.

Rollo is feverishly working on his film projects. He has one script due to Universal Studios, is filming a short film, and is also directing a commercial. He's been tied up day and night with all of the work in making this happen.

Special Ed is trying to learn SQL Server 2005 as it is a platform that he will now be supporting at work. His car is now in week 7 at the body shop (he was sideswiped a few days after Warped Tour). He has also been the social butterfly lately, venturing out of the house more frequently. He recently hung out with The Honorary Title and Cartel while they were in Phoenix. You can check out pictures and video here.

New Bad Religion Video Up
Requiem For Dissent has been added to the other Bad Religion videos from Warped Tour.

Rollo's New Script
Rollo is a professional screenwriter. He has provided a synopsis of his latest film below. More info to come once a release date has been established.
Filming on "The Artist" recently wrapped. "The Artist" is an original screenplay written by Rollo. Directed by Al Ruggie and produced by Salim Zeitoun. It's the story of an old artist who finds a small flower growing through the concrete of a city sidewalk and takes the time to sketch it as crowds of people take no notice of him. As he finishes his sketch and leaves, a person in the crowd steps on the flower and kills it without noticing. Post-production will begin shortly. Keep a lookout for it at local film festivals in the months to come.

The Format Begins The Summer Tour
The Format on stage during soundcheck.
I have added some pictures and video from the Format's summer tour kickoff on Phoenix. Click above to check them out.

Bad Religion Returns To Phoenix
Greg Hetson standing on stage with his guitar.
I just got some pictures and video up from Warped Tour yesterday. Click above to check them out.

Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza Update
Special Ed and Adrienne holding alcoholic drinks.
The Birthday Bonanza went great. Thanks to everyone who came out. Check out the pictures inside.

Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza!
Special Ed will be celebrating his birthday this Friday, May 25th. Dinner will be at 6pm at Bamboo Club. We will then see a movie and begin drinking at Jillian's around 9:30. All of the festivities will be at Desert Ridge. I've got some special guests coming in from out of state, so make sure you come by and say hi. I'm sure there will be a recap in the days afterwards.

Greg Graffin Comes Back To Phoenix
Greg Graffin on stage during soundcheck with his band.
I just got everything loaded from the show I was at last night. Bad Religion's frontman, Greg Graffin, returned to Phoenix in support of his solo record. Click the picture for some pictures and information from the show.

Back From New Orleans
A church in New Orleans.
Special Ed traveled to New Orleans, just getting back yesterday. Click to view some pictures from his trip.

Big thanks also go to our friends in Ickenham, U.K. and Bow, New Hampshire for the new exotic traffic. Schepy and Toco are doing their job of spreading the Word of Ed.

World of Ed Update - April 6, 2007
The last few weeks have been hectic for the World of Ed crew. Here's what's going on:
First of all, let me thank the people of Trondheim,Norway for visiting the World of Ed. They are the first international visitors. Many thanks go out to Mayor Rita Ottervik and her constituents for helping us reach this milestone.

Toco and Schepy are out on tour with The Format. Some of you may purchase a t-shirt, enter the venue, and notice a familiar face on the kick drum. You're not imagining it, that is indeed Toco. Schepy's a bit more conspicuous. They will return just in time for Special Ed's Birthday Bonanza.

Rollo has been MIA. I think he's working on a film somewhere. I should probably find that guy and hang out with him this weekend.

Special Ed has been up to some fun stuff. I am currently at 175 lbs. Literally a year ago today, I was in Bakersfield with Bad Religion and weighed in at 205 lbs. I look and feel better than I have in a long time. I've been learning Javascript and really pushing myself to learn more. I will be doing some traveling in about a week and half to New Orleans. I've also been hanging out with some really great and amazing people lately. It's always nice to truly learn from and take away wisdom from someone else. Good stuff.

Beth's In Town!
Ed holding a spatula and grilling.
Beth flew into town for a few days from Seattle. Click on the picture to enjoy some pictures from the BBQ we had.

Hardware Upgrades
A modem and router sitting on a floor.
The World of Ed crew had a busy week last week. Ed chose to invest in the technological infrastructure of the World of Ed and purchased High Speed Internet services as well as all of the necessary routers and wireless cards to support it. Check out the sweet new setup!

Happy Birthday Toco!!!
Toco standing with his arms open.
Special Ed and Toco standing together.
The World of Ed would like to wish Tom (Toco) Cook a happy and amazing birthday. He deserves it.

Punk Rock Bowling 2007
Special Ed standing with the bowling team.
Punk rock Bowling was amazing. Clicking on the picture above will let you share in it.

2006: A World of Ed Recap
2006 was an exciting year for the World of Ed crew. We grew individually and collectively.

Schepy toured with The Format for most of the year, finishing the year out with the All American Rejects. He was also the designated driver for President Ed many times.

Toco also toured with The Format and developed himself into a level 129 Demon Monger on World of Warcraft.

Troj got himself a great job and with just weeks till the year's end, a pimp new ride.

Ed got a sweet new job, lost 25 pounds, traveled quite a bit, and generally developed the World of Ed and its members. Collectively, we established Team Captain America to fight evil on Maker's Mondays.

2007? The Year Of Ed

World of Ed Team Building
The World of Ed team members standing together.
The World of Ed crew has been doing great things lately. Last week found us in second place in trivia night, winning twenty dollars. Above, you will find a picture of the World of Ed crew proudly displaying their might.

New Merchandise!
THe World of Ed logo on a T-shirt.
We at the World of Ed have decided to design a shirt to honor Ed and his Jersey heritage. The design above is available on a black cotton t-shirt. The world will think more of you if you are sporting one. Contact Ed if you want one. Join the World of Ed.

For any general concerns, please contact Special Ed
For all content issues or interests, please contact Schepy
For all issues related to technical or server issues, please contact Toco